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Melissa Rust

I was at Agate Days 2008. We had invited our friends to come with us and assured them that their children would have a great time. We were so happy and excited to walk through the gem show, but we really came for the stampede. The rain didn't bother us at all (it makes the agates easier to see). Well, we were happy until the truck dumped the entire load in the first 30 feet of the block. To make matters worse, the people in charge didn't bother to control the crowd at the beginning of the street so when the truck dumped the rock, the people bum rushed into the road before the cannon blast. Needless to say, most of us sat there not knowing what to do as a small group of people were able to hunt while the rest of us couldn't get anywhere near the small pile. All we got was a pathetic apology from the announcer and a bad taste for Agate Days in general. I am a huge agate fan and rock hunter, but I won't be going back. It was poorly planned and poorly controled. The person in charge of Agate Days should step down and let someone else take over. After 39 years you would think they could get their act together and make sure a huge mistake like this doesn't happen.

Donald Whittemore

Keep in mind mistakes do happen,especially mechanical mistakes. And for the mob that bum rushed the agate pile....you can't control mob mentality. It's not the organizer's fault that people can't control themselves. What did you expect them to tell the people? DROP THE AGATES! STEP AWAY FROM YOUR ONLY CHANGE TO GET AN AGATE! Seriously?? LOL.

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